It is mandatory to have properly maintained windshields and windshield wiper blades for both a smooth driving experience as well as security/peace of mind. Road visibility is important, and more so critical at night and in rainy conditions. Pro Auto Performance mechanics inspects not only the windshield wipers but also inspects the windows themselves. We aim to give peace of mind on the road.

Windshield Services – Repairs

Pro Auto Performance can help keep your eye on the road by repairing minor chips and cracks in your windshield. Pro Auto Performance mechanics use a polymer to repair your windshield. It is highly advisable that repairs are done as soon as possible, as prolonging it will cause the crack to spread across the windshield, causing more damage and therefore cost more money.

Windshield Services – Wiper Blade Replacement

As windshield wiper blades get used over time they become stiff, brittle and less effective in cleaning your windshield. The sun and outdoor elements also cause damage to the rubber of the blades.

What you’re left with are worn out blades, that ultimately affect your visibility of the road should you need to use them.

To complement this we also check the washer fluid level.